Japanese Special Edition of Sonic Frontiers Comes With Art Book, Koco Charm

Even though he’s way more popular in the West, Sonic the Hedgehog games continue to see exclusive special editions in SEGA’s home country, Japan. Sonic Frontiers will be no different, with a limited release of the upcoming game coming complete with an art book and a Koco charm toy.

First, the art book – you can see in the photos above (and in the video below, where you can see many more pages) that this tome will feature some truly gorgeous concept artwork of Sonic’s latest adventure. Character portraits and landscape/environment art will make up the most of this exclusive merchandise, but it looks pretty hefty for a promotional item so we imagine there will be a few more surprises in there too.

For ordering the special edition, you also can nab yourself a cute little Koco toy, which you can use as a charm for your phone or other devices. Or you could just have it sitting on your desk, like in the video.

You can order the Japanese version of the game (on PS4, PS5 or Switch – there is no physical release of Sonic Frontiers on Xbox in Japan) via Amazon Japan using the links below. Games imported from Japan should work on most regional consoles, as PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles are not region-locked.

The reveal video for the limited edition package, if you want to take a look, can be found below.

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