Darkspine Sonic Event Now Running in Sonic Forces Mobile

This strange alter-ego of Sonic the Hedgehog is still pretty much an enigma since his appearance in Sonic and the Secret Rings, but this week Darkspine Sonic will be available as an unlockable playable character for a limited time in SEGA HARDlight’s Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

As with previous special events in the mobile multiplayer runner, players will need to collect enough character cards during the event period in order to fully unlock Darkspine for use. HARDlight has announced that it will also be offering special gifts of free cards during the event – and any cards collected will also be added to Tails’ Vault which can be unlocked using microtransactions to double your earnings.

The event will run from the 15th – 27th September, so get your mobile charged and start running!

The new event follows a balance update to the Sonic Forces mobile game at the end of August that saw the following character changes:

  • Spring Cream/Cream: Bunny Boost speed & duration increased.
  • Tikal: Chao Chase duration increased.
  • Gamma: Missile Launch damage increased.
  • Movie Tails: Twin Tail speed boost decreased.
  • Movie Tails: EMP Shield damaging area decreased.
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  1. I have a big problem : my game does no longer work !
    When I want to play, the SEGA logo appears then thé screen becomes black : some Friends of mine have the same problem and some people on HARDlight’s Facebook page from all over the World told me it IS the same for them, apparently because of the last update.
    Let’s Hope HARDlight will fix it soon !

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