Sonic Frontiers to Have Pre-Order Bonus, Will Have Denuvo on Steam

A whole bunch of info came out about Sonic Frontiers today, and it’s not just what we got in the trailer. A pre-order bonus, an ”Adventurer’s Treasure Box,” will be available for anyone who pre-orders. Check out the image below:

In addition to this, the game’s Steam page has also confirmed that it will be using the infamous Denuvo anti-piracy software.

Finally, it appears anyone who signs up for the Sonic Frontiers newsletter will receive codes for free in-game content. You can sign up here.

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  1. Oh wow, when is Sega gonna learn that Denuvo is only an unnecessary burden than a benefit for their products? – Espcecially when people are gonna figure out to get around it anyway.

  2. Denuvo, in-game consumables, jarringly un-Sonic-like environment/character/enemy designs, Denuvo, empty hub worlds, rehashed zones *again*, weird combat mechanics, Denuvo… Sega is basically pleading with me to NOT buy this game, aren’t they? (Oh and in case I wasn’t clear, I hate DRM. Thanks a lot Sega, and enjoy your definitely lost sale from me.)

    1. Definitely you specifically. Only you. Everyone else they’re cool with, but they absolutely don’t want you to buy this game.

    2. Don’t see how certain aspects of the aesthetic being “un-Sonic like” is a negative, considering that certainly seems to be the point of this visual shift given everything they’ve shown us thus far. There seems to be a very clear and deliberate juxtaposition of this ancient and beautiful natural island being terrorised by mysterious and foreign invading entities, further bolstered by Sonic himself being a fish out of water in this scenario as he has to navigate this unknown locale.

      Now if you don’t like these designs and the general art direction that’s valid, your opinion after all. But the immediate kneejerk reaction of ” it doesn’t look like a Sonic game” ignores context here and that’s a very narrow-minded take if you ask me.

  3. You ought to mention some of the Japanese pre-order bonuses where vtuber Korone voices all of the game sound effects, or Kokos are sloppily replaced with the drawing of her fan mascot. While much sillier, it’s also about 1000x more interesting than the crap you get with this pre-order.

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