Sonic Frontiers Merch Leaked, DLC and Release Date Potentially Confirmed

Well, we’ve got another Sonic Frontiers leak, this time via what appears to be a flier for merch. It’s hard to tell, since everything is either in Chinese or Japanese and translation tools aren’t much help.

Bare minimum, the image below gives us a new, low res look at some character art from the game. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and the kocos are all featured, and there appear to be two silhouettes with question marks, which may be pointing towards to other yet-to-be-revealed characters for the game. These appear to be prizes for something.

The merch has a release date of November 15, which could point towards a release date of the game itself. Sonic games usually hit around this time of year, so it wouldn’t be especially surprising. The flier also makes mention of DLC, which could confirm that Sonic Frontiers will have some.

Check out the flier below:

The flier came from a Taiwanese website. You can find it here.

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  1. This is a kuji listing page, it’s a popular raffle type game in Japan, the 3 listing with red text over them are plushies. B is ‘sonic the hedgehog plush’ C is ‘kokomi plush’ and the last prize is ‘plush set’

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