New Story Details, Locations, and Release Date in Sonic Frontiers’ Gamescom Trailer

While not quite headlining the Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation, Sonic was promised and delivered. The game is set to release on November 8 to all major platforms, and while we’ll put together a full breakdown of details, features, and speculation later, you can catch the trailer now:

The new trailer shows off the linear Sonic levels including Green Hill, Sky Sanctuary, and the new twisted road stage, as well as two new bioms of open world, desert and tropical beach. Dialog is light from Sonic himself, but the previously revealed Sage sets an intimidating tone as Sonic is unable to fight her. She sees Sonic as a threat and commands him to leave the islands; however, Sonic encounters a giant sphere holding Amy (and presumably his other friends) captive.

The trailer also highlights the Koco, cute little stone creatures on the island that are absolutely cuter than Chao in my opinion and absolutely no one else’s on staff.

Frontiers is expected to be available for hands-on play at Gamescom, so be on the look out for impressions soon from your favorite game news sites (including us, hopefully!)

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  1. That trailer was rather good. I’m a bit annoyed that it’ll have 2.5D segments in the levels. But I’ll won’t lose any sleep over it. Looking forward to this game.

    But one thing that caught me off was the mention of the Ancients from the Sonic Boom branch. So does this mean that the Ancients are now part of the game canon now?

  2. Looks pretty good but TBH I’m a little sick of remakes of previous levels, it’s just been done to death now.

    Also excuse YOU GX but Chao >>>>> Koco

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