Sonic Origins Patch In the Works

Weeks after Sonic Origins’ release, a patch for the game has finally been confirmed to be underway. In a response to a fan on Twitter, Sonic Social Media Manager Katie Chrzanowski revealed that one is in the works:

“Hey! Thanks for the patience! The team’s been listening and is working on fixing a variety of issues right now. We’ll make sure to get some more official messaging out once we have more info for everyone. 🙂

Glitches in the game have ranged from common ones, such as Tails being unable to respawn near Sonic in Sonic 2, to seemingly random glitches that can do everything from random freezes to broken scripted sequences, to the water in Sonic 3 remaining white after a character jumps in with the electric shield.

We should note that, aside from the Tails spawning glitch (which appears to be a universal issues), we at Sonic Stadium have largely had very glitch-free experiences with the game. I had a scripted sequence break once, our top streamer GX experienced the game briefly forgetting he had the super emeralds during his 9-hour story mode stream, and site boss Dreadknux didn’t encounter anything while he was playing the game for his review.

Nevertheless, prominent people in the Sonic community have encountered and recorded the above glitches, and the issues were prevalent enough to get a response from Headcannon’s Simon Thomley.

Stay tuned to Sonic Stadium for further details on the patch, and Sonic Origins as a whole!

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  1. Can sega please settle whatever dispute is preventing the jackson tracks from getiing into sonic 3?

    1. It might not be that simple.

      The dispute as far as we know might be something crazy big, like expecting backdated royalties and all future ones for each copy sold, something that is just… a bit too much for Sega to be willing or even able to pay.

      It’s all conjecture though, as we aren’t privy to any of the details or demands going on regarding the music. It’s just rather clear that if its got this far and we got the vocal CD songs, but not the music from Sonic 3, that the dispute is far from easy or simple to work out.

  2. Just wondering if they’re actually giving Simon Thomley and his group change to implement those post-release fixes and updates or have they already kicked them him out after making those Twitter posts. Other than that, not gonna have high expectations until seeing those improvements. This compilation like Colors Ultimate has been quite trainwreck during its release.

  3. Honestly they should patch in an option to listen to the original prototype tracks or the new ones

  4. >> We should note that, aside from the Tails spawning glitch (which appears to be a universal issues), we at Sonic Stadium have largely had very glitch-free experiences with the game.

    This is a few articles now where you all have said something like this. It comes across a little weird and almost dismissive like, “yeah, we know people are reporting issues but *WE* didn’t have many issues so those people are probably wrong” or something. I’m sure that’s not your intent, but it seems like it would be better to just acknowledge that people are reporting issues and move on.

    1. I think you’re reading too much into it. We’re speaking from our personal experience, not denying that problems exist.

  5. When playing as Knuckles & Tails on Sonic 2, all you can ever hear is Tails dying off-screen. For some reason, he can never keep up but never despawns properly.

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