Sonic Frontiers To Be Publicly Playable at UK Games Expo EGX

Fancy getting your hands on Sonic Frontiers before the game is out this Winter? Well if you live in the UK (that’s us!), you’re in luck, as there will be public playtests of the upcoming Open-Zone platformer at the EGX game show in September 2022.

This will mark the first time that Sonic Frontiers will be available to the public, let alone the UK; previously, SEGA only allowed the select media attending Summer Games Fest 2022 in June to demo a segment of the game. It will probably be the same vertical slice of gameplay; a mostly open-zone experience, with a cyberspace ‘linear’/’traditional’ Sonic stage thrown in to the mix.

It looks like some brand new key art was also shared online as part of the announcement. You can see it in full below.

Here’s a quote from SEGA and ReedPop (who organise EGX in the UK):

Experience the rush of Sonic Frontiers for the first time in the UK, only at EGX

Play Sonic Frontiers first hand this September before its release in late 2022!

25th July – London, UK – Today, SEGA and ReedPop are happy to announce that EGX attendees will be able to experience the upcoming addition to the iconic Sonic franchise Sonic Frontiers during EGX, from the 22nd – 25th of September at the ExCeL in London.

Sonic Frontiers is Sonic’s first ever open-zone-inspired gaming experience. Rush through expansive landscapes, accelerate to new heights and experience the thrill of using Sonic’s speed like never before.

The show takes place from 22-25 September at London’s ExCeL venue. If you want to come down to see the game, be sure to book tickets via the EGX official website.

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  1. I think first time it will be publicly playable will be August 24 at gamescom (I’ll be there ^_^)

  2. Uh-oh! Here we go 😀

    Hoping its not going to be one of those instances where players say “Its shaping up to be awesome” or “Its fun, but needs a little more work” upon finishing the demo :S

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