Classic Villains Return in IDW’s Scrapnik Island Mini-Series & Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special

If you’re looking for some October spookytimes, IDW will be introducing a new Sonic 4-issue mini-series from Daniel Barnes, Jack Lawrence, and Nathalie Fourdraine. As reported by, Scrapnik Island is set to “tell a really creepy and atmospheric story with a vibe that Sonic fans aren’t normally used to,” describes Barnes.

Among the classic enemies Sonic and Tails will scrap with is Mecha Knuckles, the silver, hex-eyed doppelganger from Sonic Advance, this time sporting Knuckles’ iconic treasure hunting hat.

Meanwhile, classic Tails and a truly classic baddie return (as do Ian Flynn, Aaron Hammerstrom, and Reggie Graham) for Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special this November. The special will pit Tails against the forces of Wendy Witchcart, the main boss of the Japanese Game Gear’s Tails’ Sky Patrol. An obscure character indeed, but not the first time she’s shown up in comics (she had a brief place in late-era Archie). The placeholder cover art seems to suggest the adventure will take Tails and his far less relevant buddy back to Flicky Island (which isn’t an especially Tails-heavy game, but I’m all in favor of revisionist history).

Thanks to Josiahblaze for the tip over on Discord!

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