Super Shadow, Mephiles Coming to Sonic Forces Mobile, Sir Percival Heading to Sonic Dash

We’ve just been hit with a flurry of mobile Sonic game news thanks to today’s Sonic Central livestream! There are several updates coming to two of SEGA Hardlight’s key titles, Sonic Forces and Sonic Dash, including the arrival of Super Shadow and Mephiles as playable characters.

During the Sonic Central livestream, it was confirmed that characters from the second Sonic Movie would be landing in Sonic Forces Speed Battle throughout the Summer. A perfect way to spend the holiday after watching the Paramount film in the cinemas a fifteenth time!

But it was the late-year special characters that got our attention. In November, a special event will allow Sonic Forces players to unlock Super Shadow. And throughout Halloween, Mephiles the Dark will also be obtainable as a playable character.

Finally, it was revealed that Blaze’s Sonic and the Black Knight alter-ego, Sir Percival, will make a cameo in the infinite-runner Sonic Dash. She will also be available in the Apple Arcade version of the game, Sonic Dash +.

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  1. Mephiles the Dark, at last!!…
    I guess he will be a Challenger!!…
    Thank you HARDlight, I’m eager to see your new funny doppleg√§ngers too!!…

    1. Yes! Mephiles getting some love! “What may have worked 10 years ago, no longer does!”

      One of my favorite Sonic villains.

      1. Why would super Shadow be on November it’s going to take forever I want super Shadow to be on a special guest on Sonic forces speed battle this summer July July second 2022

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