Sonic Readies for Fisticuffs in the latest Sonic Frontiers Footage

After Wednesday’s world navigation trailer, today’s new gameplay footage from IGN First shows off Sonic Frontiers’ combat mechanics:

Much like the previous gameplay reveal, the video is entirely show-don’t-tell. Sonic performs homing attack combos on a robot made of several balls, uses his new updraft ability to remove the armor of another baddy before attacking, and shows off a ranged air-kick move that looks right out of anime. Even the sidestep, a move previous Sonic games used to setup quick lane changes in long corridors, has some combat dodging potential here.

The enemy designs have bizarre and varying designs, from bipedal robots that turn into spears, to weird legged stalks with a heavy armor ring around them, to the massive three-armed pillar teased last year. Different enemies are susceptible to specific attacks, and to ascend a titan, Sonic used an updraft around one of its legs to throw it off balance, and needed to wall-run using only blue boost gates and avoiding red ones. Upon reaching the top, Sonic attacks giant spikes on its head to destroy its arms.

While we still have very little context around the game’s upgrade system, rewards for combat, and even its basic premise, today shows off a few new moves added to Sonic’s modern moveset and more variety in combat than previous combat-heavy Sonic games had. Here’s hoping the rest of June brings further revelations on Frontiers mechanics and mysteries.

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  1. Personally I still find the combat animations pretty stiff to say the least. On the other hand some of the attacks are quite cool.

  2. It looks like the person playing the game is having trouble with the controls. (Like at 4:32.) Not a good sign.

    Still not feeling the hype. Looks bland and feels nothing like a Sonic game.

  3. Don’t understand all the negativity for Frontiers. While nothing is mind-blowing so far, it still looks fun and I love that they’re trying new things. This combat looks a lot more dynamic instead of just spamming homing attacks. Sick of y’all saying “doesn’t feel like a Sonic game” when you’ve whinged about every 3D Sonic game in existence and if they kept it exactly the same y’all would hate that too ­čśé

    1. When you get to my age, hype of anything means nothing.

      I’m not truly hyped for any one game coming out on the Switch, XBox, Playstation or Steam. I have been gaming for a long time, and all that hype finally becomes meaningless. I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the game I play. But I have lost all form of hype for video games, mainly because I’m getting old.

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