Sonic Frontiers Work Started in Late 2017, Has Been Developed Remotely Since 2020

In an interview with Axios, Takashi Iizuka confirmed that the team has been working on Sonic Frontiers remotely since the COVID-19 pandemic forced Japan into lockdown in 2020.

Iizuka had positive things to say about the team working remotely, noting that developers benefited from a safe working environment and that the ease of digital communication actually accelerated much of their work. Sonic Team has continued to work remotely ever since.

Iizuka has noted one negative impact of remote work, however: it’s difficult for everyone on the team to see the big picture. “If you’re just on the team, you’re kind of doing your own work,” said Iizuka, “And you don’t get to look over your shoulder at the other group doing the other work, so not everyone on the team shares the whole vision of what the game is.”

Iizuka also confirmed that development of Frontiers began as early as late 2017, as the team sought fresh ideas after hitting a wall with the old Sonic format.

Check out Iizuka’s full interview with Axios in the source below.

via Axios

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  1. I am so hyped for Sonic Frontiers, I hope it will become the greatest game and if it is in 5 years of Development, I think it could be polished and become succesful and I hope Sonic Team will not make mistakes with Frontiers.

  2. This is the most I’ve seen the developers speak before a new game release. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. They sound pretty proud of the work — hopefully it’s a solid title

    1. I can’t see how anyone is hyped for this. Everything I’ve seen and heard is painting this to be another disappointment, on top of numerous past disappointments. I hope I’m wrong…

      1. I’m not excited, but I am looking forward to seeing more. I enjoy open world games with interesting movement systems, and it looks to be that. I don’t love the visual style, but Pokemon Legends Arceus is among my favorite games this year thus far, and it looks like butt.

  3. They have to talk postive about it to sell it XD lol

    They spoke highly of forces and that was 4 years of development.

    Im going to keep my hype low just incase.

    Sonic has a history of being great in hands on previews till release.

    With exceptions like Mania.

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