Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony Going on World Tour

It’s fair to say that everybody loved last year’s Sonic the Hedgehog Symphony. There was just not one bad thing about it. Everybody heard it, and for a mere two hours, there was total peace and love and harmony across the world. Well, SEGA just announced that this bundle of joy is going on tour, so you can experience it in person!

Announced during the Sonic Central livestream, the fan-favourite Sonic the Hedgehog Symphony is hitting the road, with live and in-person events planned. The experience is advertised to be the same as we saw in the stream last year – a full symphony orchestra, complemented by rock bands and further surprises.

No dates or locations were yet announced – that is all coming very soon, apparently – but the Sonic Central stream did reveal that the concert would be appearing at the Brazil Game Show later this year. So we know at least that they will hit Brazil.

Just waiting for them to announce the UK. Let’s go now, come on.

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