Shadow Appears In The New Sonic Prime Teaser Trailer

Today’s Sonic Central broadcast did have an interesting piece of information for Sonic Prime. It was a teaser trailer for the Netflix show. Most of it isn’t all that interesting, until the very end where a character shows himself.

Yes, that’s Shadow the Hedgehog! It isn’t surprising, but it is officially confirmed that he’ll be in Sonic Prime. The show is supposed to premiere later this year, so it’s very likely we’ll be getting more information soon. In the meantime, stay tuned as we continue to cover the news from today’s busy Sonic news day!

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  1. Feels a bit superfluous to include this in the central when we’ll likely see him in the potential trailer this Friday. I am happy to see more of how the cast will look in this show, though.

    1. Wow. A teaser for a trailer. Don’t spoil me too much Sega, I wouldn’t want to know too much about this Friday’s ad before it comes out.

  2. I need to see more how he will be portrayed in Prime. A teaser of rolling around and then making a pose isn’t enough to make a fair judgement.

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