Footage Confirms Return of Classic Zone For Sonic Frontiers Cyberspace Stage

New footage seen from Summer Game Fest appears to confirm that Sky Sanctuary will feature as one of the Cyberspace stages in Sonic Frontiers.

New images from the show, shared by Saihati72 on twitter, appear to confirm the Sonic & Knuckles stage, revisited in Sonic Generations, through the presence of the ascending Death Egg in the background.

While the zoomed-in footage is of low resolution, the image of the Death Egg is now undeniable.

Fans have been quick to point out previously that there are many similarities to the Generations design, to the point that it appears Frontiers may be using recycled assets from the 11 year-old title.

UPDATE: Another Twitter user has shared a second video that displays the stage a little clearer in the background. Thanks to ‘JL’ via email for the news tip!

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Screenshot from @Tracker_TD via twitter.

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  1. For a game that has been in development since 2017, it’s amazing how many assets are being recycled.

  2. I’m so excited for this game but this means that Older Stages are coming back in Frontiers because of Nostalgia, and i’m fine with Sega reusing assets from Generations, I hope Frontiers will be a good Sonic Game.

  3. With the game’s theme being around memories and amnesia, it makes some sort of sense for the cyberspace stages to be memories of previous places that Sonic’s visited.
    The main issue is how poorly this game is being marketed, we shouldn’t be finding out about these stages through blurry 144p videos/play test leaks that only lead to endless speculation.

  4. I would say this is yet another knee-jerk over-reaction from an already-toxic fanbase made worse by Twitter’s stupidity, but…my optimism about Sonic Frontiers is already starting to go down at the mere thought of Sonic Team resorting to half-baked nostalgia yet again. At least this is not Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant yet again (but it’s still too early to tell if they’ll be in the final game), but I was hoping that, especially in a year where we’re getting truckloads of Sonic nostalgia-bait anyway with the second Paramount movie, Sonic Speed Simulator (which does have Green Hill/Chemical Plant among other references), especially Sonic Origins, and arguably even the Nintendo Switch Online emulations of Sonic 1 and 2, that Sonic Frontiers would be the one game to push the series forward for those of us that can no longer stomach the fact of playing some variation of the original Genesis games for the billionth time, as great as they are the first million or so playthroughs.

    Hopefully this nostalgia-baiting doesn’t make up the majority of the game and overstay its welcome like with Sonic Forces, but if it does then I’m out, quite frankly.

    1. these have already been stated to be the special stages or frontiers, so you’ll see them for 5 minutes every 2 hours or longer – if SEGA’s estimation on completion time is true.

  5. I mean, it sucks — but at least it’s levels from one of the best Sonic 3D titles so it SHOULD at least be fun.

  6. Oh boy, more reused levels.
    This is like what… the fourth anniversary game in a row to do this?

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