Teaser Shows First Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, More Details Coming Through June

Wait, what? SEGA dropped the first gameplay video for Sonic Frontiers today, seemingly out of nowhere. The 30-second teaser finally gives us our first glimpse of what an “Open Zone” Sonic looks like and notes more details are coming throughout June on IGN.

The video shows off Sonic navigating large, open landscapes, spinning a giant hamster wheel to initiate some sort of radar pulse, and running up the sides of massive enemies to scale them. New to his moveset is the ability to run a circle around an enemy to toss them into the air and performing some sort of cinematic homing barrage with a finisher. Grind rails and springs also make a return.

According to the teaser, IGN will have a more details published throughout June that will aim to offer a deeper dive into the gameplay mechanics and world, as part of the website’s “IGN First” series.

Sonic Frontiers was first revealed during last year’s Sonic Channel presentation and again at The Game Awards, only showing cutscenes and landscapes. Since then we’ve learned some familiar names are attached to the project, such as Ian Flynn as the game’s writer and the current game voice cast returning. With the game so shrouded in silence (save for a handful of leaks), it’s nice to finally have a view of what the game is shaping up to be as we sprint towards its Winter 2022 release.

Please note, screenshots below are taken from the YouTube version, and thus contain additional compression.

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  1. It looks amazing. I don’t even know what I was honestly expecting with an open world Sonic but him running up enemies to take them down feels so cinematic! I’m so excited for tomorrow.

    1. Agreed! It looks so cool already!

      I just wish the reveal hadn’t gone to IGN…

  2. Well alrighty then.

    I’m not a fan of how un Sonic-ky this game looks, though I will say that the environments are beautiful. Not what I expect out of a Sonic game, but still very pretty to look at. I’m interested to see how the “cyberspace” levels play more than anything else. I’m cautiously awaiting tomorrow!

  3. I’m so hyped we got gameplay, i can’t sit still! Can’t wait to see what will be shown tomorrow!

  4. it looks interesting. The look of the open world hasn’t really wow’ed me so far though, hope that changes soon. The combat also looks a bit stiff but that will hopefully be improved.

  5. Mainline 3D Sonic game without Dash Panels?! OH MAH GO—

    The teaser looked okay, interested to see what they are about to reveal of this game tomorrow.

  6. I’m very interested but I agree with some others. the game does feel very non-sonicy. its like Sonic got sucked into breath of the wild.

    Not sure why they couldnt have stuck with this but made the world more true to Sonic’s universe.

    Also this gameplay proves that so called leaked play test was true… i hope they fixed it from those play tests, cause the previews at the time said the game was dull.

    1. I personally think they already fixed many of the problems the playtesters had with the game, because it’s looking quite different from what they’ve described, this is probably because those testers were leaking info from 2020, and the game did get delayed a whole year.

  7. It is boring looking due to the lack of Sonic art style. Looks like a fanmod of another game. The Roblox and Minecraft DLCs are better looking which is pretty sad.

  8. As pretty as the open world looks, as most people have said already, it doesn’t look very much like a sonic universe game. Also in comparison, Sonic looks very one dimensional, design wise. I feel for Sonic to match the environment better, they should give him more details like actual fur; his quills look very flat. That, or they redo the environment to match his current design.

  9. Hey, it’s actually using the Forces’ model, which I like better than the other ones, just so Jakks pacific can make better standing Sonic figures.

  10. I’m happy with the art direction change. It’s no more contrasting than Sonic Adventure. Really just excited to see if Sonic can roll to build momentum on the sloping terrain.

    Additionally when Sonic runs up the mech he loses his footing in the last few frames and seems to just be in the falling animation while being thrown to the top of the mech. Seems like game maybe not working as intended.

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