Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam Convention Launches Kickstarter Campaign

2022 marks the return of Georgia’s premier SEGA-themed convention, Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam!

The event, which began back in 2014, is dedicated to celebrating everything SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog celebrates the company’s eclectic video game history, playing host to industry figures (such as Sonic Adventure voice actor Ryan Drummond) and prominent creators in the fan community.

The one-day event is pipped to take place on November the 12th, 2022, and this year has elected to crowdfund the event via Kickstarter.

Pledge levels include virtual attendance for those who can’t make it in person, all the way up to event sponsorship.

At current time of writing, the event has just passed the 50% mark to reaching it’s goal of $7,500.

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Adam Tuff

With a decade under his belt, Adam is one of The Sonic Stadium's most seasoned writers, with interests in the music and merchandise of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Adam is the co-organiser for the Summer of Sonic convention.

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