Sonic 3 Movie May Release in 2024, Hollywood Actor Tipped to Play Latest Sonic Rival

The third Sonic the Hedgehog movie is likely to be released in theaters in 2024, and Paramount is already in talks with a Hollywood actor to play the role of Sonic’s newly-announced rival in the upcoming sequel.

[ WARNING: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Ending Credits Scene Spoilers Contained Below ]

This is according to recent comments from Sonic movie writing duo Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, who spoke at a panel during an event held by Klamath Community College.

During the hour-long session, the creatives behind the first two Sonic movies were careful not to reveal too many details about the next Sonic the Hedgehog film, but what they did discuss left some room for interpretation as to which characters will feature and how the movie universe story arcs will evolve.

For instance, there is an acknowledgement of the Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog video game stories, and Miller said it was “not revealing” to suggest that there are plans to incorporate elements of those particular games’ plots into the Sonic 3 movie.

Similarly, when asked about the appearance of Amy Rose, the duo could not comment too much due to a non-disclosure agreement, but said that things were “in the works.”

On the subject of Shadow – who was revealed during Sonic 2’s mid-credits sequence – Casey confirmed that they had a big name voice actor in mind for the angsty anti-hero. The situation right now appears to be that the studio is waiting for this particular actor to actually confirm that they want to accept the role. According to those at the Q&A, there was no indication that a previous video game voice actor would reprise the role of Shadow.

Other notes of interest, from the ‘Movie Robotnik Positivity’ Tumblr account:

  • Crush 40 has a mildly decent chance in appearing in the third film, though it’s not confirmed as of yet. Both Pat Casey and Josh Miller hope and lean towards the possibility of it being “Live and Learn.” The song choice is popular amongst the fans and the producers are very aware of this being a strong want (30:40 to 30:50).
  • Though not confirmed, it is heavily implied that there will be a new addition to Sonic’s growing team in each film, or at least one new character to the movies if the fans are interested in them/the film’s stories (31:55 to 32:25).
  • If Jim Carey were to retire from acting, the third movie’s direction will focus on other characters due to Sonic’s franchise being so vast. He would be missed, they would welcome him back if he wanted to take a break from the third and work on the fourth, but they are confident that he could return (33:40 to 35:00).
  • As of now, the script is in the “Blue Sky” Phase. This means that they’re still planning and every possible idea that could happen between characters and actors coming/leaving (35: 30 to 36:02).
  • They once again confirm that they were not sponsored by Olive Garden. The Zillow product placement also was added to the scene pretty late, the writers didn’t find out about it until the premiere. (6:46 to 7:41)
  • They just started playing Sonic Adventure 2 on X-Box (9:07 to 9:16)
  • The last concept Pat and Josh saw of what Movie Sonic’s before the first trailer looked like something in-between the old and final designs. They weren’t too sure about that first trailer either, but as writers it wasn’t their place to say anything.  (10:36 to 11:28)
  • Pat and Josh began working on the Sonic 2 script before the first movie came out. Seeing the fanbase’s reaction to Agent Stone actually led to them giving the character a bigger role than what they originally planned. (15:33 to 16:02)
  • Their take on Knuckles was inspired by Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation. (21:32 to 21:43)
  • While writers aren’t usually involved in a movie after it goes into production, for the first Sonic movie Pat and Josh were brought on set to change things while they were shooting, and even got to help in the editing room after the movie got delayed. They did not get to visit the set during the filming of Sonic 2 due to the pandemic though (38:38 to 39:54) 

You can watch the full panel via the Klamath Community College YouTube channel.

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  1. As long as Shadow isn’t Chris Pratt, I’m all good.

    Also I’d actually prefer Crush 40’s Sonic Boom cover to be in a movie? That would make a really epic final boss battle.

    1. Or Agent Stone could get promoted from a sidekick to a villain, maybe taking up the moniker of “Eggman,” not “Robotnik.” He was disguised as a GUN Agent.

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    JIM CARREY RITORNA FARE IL TUO PERSONAGGIO PER IL TERZO FILM per favore ti prego vorrei tanto che ritornassi io credo in te non voglio che deludi i fan di Sonic. Non voglio chiedergli di fan di Sonic ti prego!!!!!!!!!

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