Sonic 2006 Makes Surprise Re-Appearance on Xbox 360 Marketplace

Everyone’s favourite Iblis Trigger Disaster, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), has made a surprise re-appearance on the old Xbox 360 Marketplace game store. It’s not forwards-compatible with Series X/S consoles yet, but it’s dirt cheap so get it while it’s here!

The Xbox 360 game, which coincided with Sonic’s 15th Anniversary and was infamously released with a myriad of glitches and QA issues, was originally available to download from Microsoft’s on-console ‘Marketplace’ until 2010, when SEGA delisted a number of low-rated Sonic titles from digital stores (there was discussion about it on SSMB here). This is the first time any digital version of the game has been made available since then.

In the past, the re-listing of classic titles on Xbox’s Marketplace has led to either the games being prepped for Backwards-Compatibility support on the latest Xbox Series X/S consoles, or a retraction of the listing due to a database mistake (which was the case recently with the original Forza Horizon, sadly).

At present, Sonic 2006 can be purchased and played on an Xbox 360 console, but is not forward-compatible with modern Xbox consoles. Yet? Honestly, we’re not entirely sure why the game has re-appeared, but we are hoping SEGA will take the time to explain very soon.

Until then, if you fancy a trip down memory lane (even if Sonic can’t remember it), you can grab the game from the US Xbox Marketplace for $4.99 or the UK Xbox Marketplace for £3.39.


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  1. I read “SONIC 2006 MAKES SURPRISE RE-” and got wide eyed and excited for a second thinking a remake/master was in the works >.<

  2. In terms of game preservation this is actually a great thing and will take some pressure off the used market for the game which has seen prices get a bit silly.

    An enhanced version using Xbox Backwards Compatibility would do wonders for this game thanks to its many loading times, fingers crossed we get it.

  3. Was surprised myself when I heard a few days ago, took multiple attempts (kept saying “Sorry, Something went wrong”) but eventually it worked… Just grabbed the best looking Xbox 360 Slim (Matte) and Controller I could find to play it (since it actually has Achievements, and was only $5) plus the bundle had like 10-20 games with it (and grabbed NFS Most Wanted 2005 with it, still the BEST way to play that game)

    Hopefully we’ll be playing Sonic ’06 on our Xbox Series X’s next month 🤞 hoping for a “Hey we’re doing some more BackCompat and FPS Boost Games” at the Microsoft/Bethesda Event (especially makes sense with the Activision-Blizzard-King purchase, so many great games to bring forward that they’ll own at that point 🤷‍♂️)

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