First Footage of Sonic Prime in Netflix Sizzle Reel

This morning, Netflix After School released a new sizzle reel for upcoming animated kids and family shows, with a brief (very brief) bit at the end featuring Sonic Prime:

Sonic content begins at 1:48

The scene shows off Sonic running in Green Hills (featuring rings and Sonic running in his figure-8 style). He mugs to the camera, delivers a line about how cool he is, and… that’s kind of it for now.

It’s not a lot to go on for now, but the performance sounds Roger Craig Smith-like in voice, but with a little bit of Ben Schwartz delivery. It plays up Sonic’s ego a bit (which isn’t a facet they play up much in the games, but shows itself prominently in Sonic Boom and the movie), but this is inferring a lot based on a single line. Hopefully this means that we’ll be getting a full trailer in the near future.

Netflix also appears to have updated its website with some more details. As you can see from the screenshot above, the new voice of Sonic is Deven Mack. A range of new voice actors are also listed, none of which appear to be connected to the current video game acting cast.

More details as we get it. Thanks to Lemanic for the news tip!

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  1. The voice confirmed is none other than Devin Mack. Though judging by the voice cast, I’m guessing that Ashleigh Ball(Rainbow Dash) is Tails, Shannon Chan-Kent(Smolder, Silver Spoon and Pinkie Pie’s singing voice) is Amy, and Brian Drummond(Ahuizotl, Mr Cake, Filthy Rich and Vegeta) will be back as Knuckles.

  2. Deven Mack seem perfectly fine for Sonic based on that one line and you can briefly see Sonic’s shoes being regular ones as opposed to ones seen in early leaked concept art.

  3. Looking good!

    Not sure how I feel about rings being collected like the game, first series in which it’s been done this way?

    Hope to see more soon

  4. It’s too little to criticize so soon, but so far I dislike this voice for Sonic, once again he sounds like a jerk and not a cool hero.

    Something about the line delivery reminds me of Johnny Test humor, not a good sign.

    The 8/wheel running animation looks off, but then again it looked odd in Smash Bros. and especially Lost World so.

  5. I don’t know what to feel yet of the animation, the running animation looked a little odd in my honest opinion. But otherwise the facial expression on Sonic looks good.

    While I’m bummed out that they couldn’t get Roger and the rest of the video game cast to voice Sonic and friends in Sonic Prime, I actually do like Deven Mack as Sonic from that first teaser. There is just something about that voice that feels reminiscent of Ryan Drummond or Jason Griffith. Deven’s voice just matches them better than Roger, so his voice coming out of Sonic actually feels pretty natural.

  6. >I know what you’re thinking. I’m good!

    Ugh. That line alone just dashed my hopes we could for once get a western Sonic cartoon with good characterizations.

  7. Just saw a video of Deven announcing he’s the voice of Sonic on twitter and in it he does the voice….. I’m sorry but that didn’t give me any hope for this.

    Not only did he sound like a Roger impersonator but he sounds like he’s straining his voice…

    Maybe he will be different in the show but I think i’ve got enough of an idea from that to know where its going.

  8. The only two shows I’d want to check out are Sonic and the Dr. Seuss one, strangely enough. Really nice looking animation.

    1. The first season of Green Eggs and Ham was REALLY good. I think the second may already be available right now too.

  9. FINALLY, Something I can look forward to the Vancouver voice cast being in that ISN’T MLP. I really want to be able to focus these actors on something other than the brony craze I am tired of.

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