Sonic UNO Appears for Pre-Order on Entertainment Earth

For the players who only want one character in their game.

UNO, the ever popular color/number matching card game, looks to be adding Sonic to the mix next month. Both Entertainment Earth and Best Buy currently have pages for Sonic the Hedgehog UNO, and while Best Buy simply lists the item as “Sold Out,” Entertainment Earth has it available for pre-order, listed as shipping in May 2022 for $6.99 USD.

EDIT: It is also listed on Amazon as “Usually ships within 1 to 2 months” if that is your preferred storefront.

Each number in the deck features a different character (rendered in 3D stock art you’re accustomed to), layered over a Green Hill background scene. Like many specialty versions of UNO, Sonic the Hedgehog UNO features its own variation on play, the “Wild Victory Lap” card (presumably the one featuring Super Sonic). When played, all other players must draw a card. I’m not sure how that qualifies as a victory lap, but I imagine there’s only so much you can do to UNO without breaking its simplicity.

So if you’re itching for a game of UNO and, for some reason, also need to look at a picture of Vector, either pre-order now, or keep an eye out if it hits retail soon.

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    1. Late news that hasn’t been broadly reported is indeed still news. I’m certain it’s news to a lot of people. And it’s approaching release, so a good reason to give the reminder.

      1. It’s news to me because I didn’t know anything about this,I will definitely be picking it up. Thanks for the heads up! ­čÖé

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