Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Opens in UK Theatres With Exclusive ‘British Edition’

Today is the big day for Sonic fans around the UK, as the sequel to the 2020 smash-hit movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ finally opens in cinemas across the four nations. To celebrate the release of the film, Paramount UK has produced a special ‘British Edition’ of the action-packed blockbuster, to appeal to the regional audience.

Knuckles the Telephone Booth brings a whole new level of tension to the UK version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The changes are said to be subtle, but no doubt UK Sonic fans will be able to easily spot these references to classic British culture. One of the major tweaks the UK version of the movie will have will focus on the main characters; Sonic the Hedgehog himself will rock around the planet with a traditional bowler hat and gentleman’s umbrella combo, while Tails will be literally ‘flying’ the Union Jack flag on himself. The movie’s new threat, Knuckles, will take the form of a British Telephone Booth.

Movie director Jeff Fowler wanted to pay tribute to the UK Sonic Community.

Sonic Movie 2 director Jeff Fowler told The Sonic Stadium that he felt these additions to the UK-specific release of the movie was an important step in celebrating both British culture and the Sonic community based in the region.

“We thought about this a lot, how we can make a global icon like Sonic even more relevant in various countries around the world. And, since we were launching in the UK ahead of our general release in the US, we figured that this would be the perfect territory to focus on,” Fowler said. “Of course, we love British culture and the Sonic community in the UK has a long and storied history, so we really wanted to celebrate that and give those fans a little something extra. We hope you’ll all enjoy it!”

Special guest stars exclusive to the UK theatrical release include Queen Elizabeth II.

Fowler and his production team didn’t stop with the character tweaks, however. In a number of blink-it-and-you’ll-miss-it sequences, eagle-eyed fans may spot several more British references peppered throughout Sonic 2, including a ‘Marina Madness’ fish and chip shop appearance, an exclusive scene where Sonic and Tails bond over High Tea and crumpets by the coast, and even cameos by the British Royal Family.

Changing the Mean Bean outlet to a Tea Shop was seen as an important cultural change.

Leaving no ‘Stone’ unturned, Fowler also revealed to The Sonic Stadium that one of the smaller-yet-significant changes involved converting Agent Stone’s “Mean Bean” coffee shop (as seen in global trailers) to a tea shop serving Earl Grey and various other blends. “It just made sense,” Fowler justified.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 opens in cinemas around the UK today (April 1). Of course, it won’t include any British-specific elements as seen above – we’re just having a little fun.

Happy April Fools Day! Enjoy the film! And be sure to read our definitive review right here.

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  1. Sonic with the British accent worked well I thought!
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