Sonic Origins Trailer, Prices, Animation, & Extras Officially Revealed

After the past few days of leaks around the edges, the official Sonic YouTube channel has revealed the trailer for Sonic Origins. The game will be released on June 23, and will hit all major platforms (Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Series X|S/Epic/Steam). Gematsu reports the game to launch at $39.99 for the standard edition, and $44.99 for Digital Deluxe (more on that below).

UPDATE: The game’s official website states that Spain, France, Germany, and Italy will be getting the game on the 12th whenever you change the language. Seems that all dates have been changed to June 23rd now. Thanks to alexizaki for the news tip!

The trailer features gorgeous animation in a similar style to the Sonic Mania animated sequences and explicitly promising even more animation. The trailer also confirms the replacement of Lives with a “Medallion” system in the game’s Anniversary mode (as you’ll notice in the UI).

The game will include features both within and beyond previous HD remakes of the games, such as the ability to play as Tails and Knuckles in other games (with the exception that Knuckles won’t be in CD, per Famitsu), and the Hidden Palace boss from the Sonic 2 iOS/Android remake.

Famitsu reports further special features in the game, such as a Boss Rush mode, a “Mirror Mode” that flips the entire stage left to right, a “story mode” (unclear if this just refers to the animation sequences, or if it actually connects the four games), a mission mode, a museum collection, and leaderboards. We don’t know much about the Mission mode yet, however screenshots of it show off a menu with the Veg-O-Fortress from Sonic Spinball, and a screenshot of Knuckles in S&K’s Death Egg Zone (which he normally does not appear in) with a unique level layout, a timer, and a letter grade.

Following Sega’s recent releases, Origins will have a “Digital Deluxe” version, which is set to include an additional 11 “hard” missions, 73 extra music tracks in the museum from other Genesis and 32X games, bonus menu animations, 10 Classic mode backgrounds for the letterbox, and an “Island Camera.”

Gematsu confirms these Digital Deluxe features will also be available as DLC under the “Premium Fun Pack” at $3.99, with further music tracks available via the “Premium & Classic Sound Pack” for $3.99. Pre-orders will also get a “Start Dash Pack” unlocking Mirror mode, a Mega Drive background for Classic mode, and 100 coins.

Be sure to stay with us as further details unfold.

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  1. There was a brief fifteen minutes where I was excited knowing this was two months away… then I saw the graph… and the pricing…
    I’m waiting for a sale/price drop. God. Dammit. Sega.

  2. Am I alone on this? Something that would have made this worthwhile for me is a playable Amy! Seems like the best time now, with all the main Genesis games here rebuilt, wasted opportunity.

    1. Amy has nothing going for her that would make people want to play as her though outside of simply being a fan favorite. Why would I ever chose to play as Amy over Sonic? All the other characters from Mania Plus for example give me reasons to play as them over Sonic; Tails can fly, Knuckles can glide and climb and has exclusive routes, Mighty has a ground-pound and a one-hit immunity from spikes, Ray can fly forever until the player runs into a wall. What does Amy have going for her outside of being a fan favorite?

      1. Check out the Advance series, Amy is a fun character to play as in those. Her pico hammer is very versatile, from giving her jumps a bit of a boost to making her attacks more powerful. Her moveset is pretty varied in those games. Though, the issue with this would be her appearance would be the Sonic CD version, so she wouldn’t have the pico hammer which most of her more unique movesets are based off of. Any game made pre-adventure wouldn’t do Amy right, as most of her more special traits appear from Adventure onwards. Amy can be a fun character to play as, but Post-Adventure.

  3. This is nice, I’m excited (mainly because of the animated content, the other extras, and Whiteheard & Thomley’s involvement in this then anything else).

  4. They couldn’t even put Knuckles in CD. Very disappointed really. Great that 3K is getting the widescreen treatment… But I feel there are cheaper ways to play these. Essentially we’re getting the mobile ports (which are free) with added features. $40 does not seem to be worth it. Plus the animations will be up on YouTube in a day

    1. I’m still pre-ordering this but I am bumbed that Knuckles isn’t in CD, maybe they can add him in a future update or something though. I still think this is a better deal than last year’s Mario 3D Allstars.

  5. now if they had knuckles chaotix sega sonic the hedgehog and a minture 3d world like sonic jam as an unlockable id say it be worth it….

  6. It’s interesting. There’s some inclusions I wasn’t expecting like the 4:3 mode and the mission mode. But still so much from other releases that don’t seem to be included. None of Sonic Jam’s difficulty or layout settings, no Mega Play mode for 1 & 2, and no Ring Saver mode. I’ll forgive the lack of 3D since manufacturers seem to have stopped supporting that, so that feature can stay on the 3DS. There’s also quite a bit we don’t know too, like are Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles available in their not locked-on states, is a stand alone Blue Sphere mode available like you’d get locking S&K on to Sonic 1, are Sonic’s moves like the Super Peel Out and Insta-Shield available in other games, and are both the Genesis and PC versions of the S3&K soundtracks available?

    Depending on the presence or absence of some of these features that haven’t been revealed yet, while this collection may be the best official way to play each of these titles, they are certainly not the definitive way to play them nor the best unofficial. It’s the best port Sega has done in a long time, but there’s still more that can be improved.

  7. “is a stand alone Blue Sphere mode available like you’d get locking S&K on to Sonic 1”

    You can see a dedicated Blue Sphere option in the menus, in one of the above screenshots.

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