Sonic Jams More People into Theaters as Sonic 2 Crosses $235 Million Globally, Takes Second at Box Office

Sonic 2’s box office take continued to grow at a brisk pace over the last week, as the movie blew past $200 million globally, settling at $235 million as of the end of Monday. This number includes more than $123 million at the US box office, and $112 million overseas. Unlike last time, Sonic 2 didn’t manage to maintain its top box office spot globally, falling behind Fantastic Beasts 3. In the US, it made $29.3 million over its second weekend, taking second place behind FB3’s $42.2 million, and falling 60% from its opening weekend.

Interestingly, while Sonic 2 lost the weekend, it did apparently have a very good Easter Monday in the US, where it regained its top spot and even beat its returns from the previous Monday. It made $4.5 million on that day versus FB3’s $3.7 million. That’s not only 4% higher then what Sonic 2 made on its first Monday, that’s 275% higher than what Sonic 1 made on its second Monday.

Right now, Sonic 2 appears to be on track to surpass its predecessor, though exactly how well it will do still depends on whether or not it has legs. With Dreamworks’ The Bad Guys and Marvel’s Doctor Strange 2 debuting over the next few weeks, Sonic 2’s box office competition is going to become a lot more fierce.

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  1. One of the things I liked about the first film was that it respected the source material, which is exactly what they kept doing in the sequel. That’s what I believe other movie adaptations of video games failed to do, which is why they didn’t do so well in theaters. By setting up the first film as an origin story for Sonic, filled with light-hearted humor and tons of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it game references, it served as a nice introduction the this film verse. Then by making the second film an amalgamated adaption of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles, with more elements from the source material like Tails and Knuckles, more action in addition to more references and a little more humor, and higher stakes with the Chaos and Master Emeralds being targeted by Dr. Eggman, it really expanded on what the first film set up. And from the looks of you-know-who popping up in the mid-credits scene, it seems the third film is set to be the darkest of the trilogy.

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