Moor Art Gallery Releases Limited Edition Japanese ‘Sumi-e’ Sonic Art Cards

Following the success of its 30th Anniversary limited edition print run, UK-based Moor Art Gallery suddenly dropped a new collaboration with Sonic Team artist Yui Karasuno last night. This new release is a four-piece set of numbered art prints, featuring Sonic, Super Sonic, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman drawn in an incredibly cool ‘sumi-e’ art style.

The ‘sumi-e’ Japanese art style has been used officially before by Sonic Team artists, most notably in 2019 when expressive black-ink Sonic art was used to celebrate the blue blur’s 28th Anniversary in Tokyo’s Joypolis. In Japan, you could purchase blind-box packages of these art cards and get various prints featuring Shadow, Knuckles, Tails and Sonic.

This 2022 set looks like new artwork designed in the same style, and marks the first time merchandise of this kind has been made available outside of Japan. The Moor Art Gallery website states that each set contains all four prints (all prints have the same number), with each print measuring 8″ x 10″ inches. It describes Karasuno-san’s profile as follows:

Karasuno-san herself is a big fan of Sonic since high school. She majored designs in college and soon she joined Sonic Team as a contracted artist and created Classic Sonic art. She officially joined SEGA in 2017. She currently focuses on reviewing the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog series as well as providing art assets for the games and licensed products as part of Sonic Team. Her favourite food is chocolate!

Unfortunately, because Moor Art Gallery shadow-dropped these art prints as soon as they went on sale yesterday, these prints have quickly sold out. Hopefully there will be follow-up runs featuring other characters, or more collaborations between the gallery and Sonic Team coming soon. We’ll let you know if that happens!

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