IGN to Host Sonic 2 Red Carpet Event on TikTok

I have to assume it will take place in 3-minute increments.

Leading up to the premiere of Sonic 2 in the U.S., IGN has announced coverage of the red carpet event via their TikTok Tuesday, April 5, at 9PM EST/6PM PST. Details on the event are light, but the outlet promises to interview the cast.

The movie itself hits U.S. theaters shortly after, on Friday, April 8 (with some select early showings prior).

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  1. Due to YEARS of heckling the Sonic games & the community, I’m surprised that IGN is even presenting this at all. ­čśÉ

    1. You’re remembering an IGN that no longer really exists anymore. They’re just a broad entertainment company now. Generally, IGN doesn’t, and probably hasn’t, really cared about the Sonic fan community because they’re not big enough or loud enough to make a meaningful impact on… whatever it is they do these days.

      1. Plus, IGN has around 40 writers and reviewers so we can’t expect every opinion to be on par.

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