Zygomatic Games Reveals the Cutest Little Sonic Board Game, Sonic Super Teams

Chibi Sonic and friends coming soon to a dining table near you!

UPDATE Mar. 8: The game no longer appears on Zygomatic Games’ website. It is likely this game appeared by mistake and is not currently ready for announcement.

Today, Zygomatic Games has revealed on their website a new Sonic-themed board game, Sonic Super Teams, featuring a Green Hill-themed game board and eight big-headed, wide-eyed chibi figurines of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Rouge, and Metal Sonic. Badnik Mechanic dug up the back of the German box from the publisher’s website:

A quick Google Translate of the box describes the game as “Fun and strategy in a racing game for teams.” The company’s English website also shows a version of the box’s front, stating that the game is for 2-4 players of ages 7+ estimating about 20 minutes to complete a game. We have no further details at time of writing, as the product link on Zygomatic’s website leads to a “Page can’t be found” error.

Zygomatic Games (part of Asmodee Games) publishes a number of popular family-friendly tabletop games such as Jungle Speed, Formula D, and Timeline. The listed creator of Sonic Super Teams, Max Gerchambau, was a prolific French game designer having creating roughly 70 games across 50 years, and sadly passed away late last year.

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