You Can Win These Horrifying Sonic 2 Controllers from Xbox

UPDATE: Contest tweet has gone live. We’ve embedded it in the article.

Today, Xbox Wire has announced a contest to win a custom Sonic 2 Movie Sonic vs. Knuckles-styled Xbox Series S along with two truly reprehensible controllers covered entirely in thick blue and red fur.

There will be two victims winners of the specialty console and controllers, and entry requires you to follow Xbox with a public Twitter account through 7 days after you’ve entered and retweet an official contest tweet with the hashtag #XboxSonic2Sweepstakes.

U.S. entrants will also be allowed to enter through use of Microsoft reward points.

I will now spend the following paragraph describing the controllers in unflattering terms: They look like the Hollywood live action-CG version of the Elmo and Cookie Monster Wii remotes. They look like the eggs Gritty would lay in order to propagate his species. They look like fondling a terrier’s face. They look like someone dropped the stickiest controller onto a shag carpet and had to cut it loose. They look like if hardware could experience floating point errors. And most importantly: they look like an actual waking nightmare to clean.

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  1. No, thank you. If I wanted something fuzzy or furry to hold in my hands, I have plenty of Build-A-Bear plushes, even Risa from the Honey Girls. Her ears are fluffy. Maybe get Red Panda Mei from Turning Red.

  2. I’ve lost track of all the xbox variations but I guess it’s safe to assume this one can play Unleashed. And maybe once Sega sees the light Sonic 06 could join in too. I gotta enter, man. Those are the only Sonic games I’ve yet to play and desperately want to.

    1. It’s generally supposed to play everything the Series X can, but just not at full settings. Also Microsoft has effectively said they’ve done the extent of what they’re going to do for backwards compat, so it’s VERY unlikely that they would add Sonic 06 to backwards compatibility. No corporate entity with rights to that game actually wants you to play it because it’s a broken mess that was an embarrassment to the company but not so much that they were willing to simply cancel it or make significant delays.

      1. “No corporate entity with rights to that game actually wants you to play it”
        You say that, yet it’s currently available in Japan through PlayStation Now.
        Another example, people like to say Sega wants to forget 2005’s Shadow, but again, it was made available on PS3 in Japan.
        Not to mention that Unleashed was originally blacklisted over a decade ago, along with a bunch of other Sonic games that had a low metacritic score. And yet now it’s available again.
        I guess my point is, things can change. It may not become backwards compatible through Microsoft’s program, but a rerelease could happen… maybe.

        1. Sonic is more strictly managed in the West than in Japan because, by all accounts, Sonic doesn’t have a particularly strong fanbase in Japan.

  3. I’m sure someone would have loved a stylish Sonic and Knuckles themed Xbox. This is not that Xbox.

  4. Such a Cheap and lazy design? These don’t really say anything about Sonic or Knuckles specifically. Totally wasted opportunity to design something really cool.

    1. A Sonic 2 themed Xbox Series S WITHOUT two muppet torsos fished out of the Henson studio dumpsters wouldn’t have gotten the undeserved attention that we are sadly giving it right now.

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