There Is a “Sonic Cinematic Universe” Being Planned, According to Producer

No, no, you put the cart AFTER the horse!

Eurogamer, among other outlets, reports that Toby Ascher, producer for the first and second Paramount Sonic movies, has stated in the production notes that the movies are part of some sort of “Sonic Cinematic Universe.”

We’re creating a Sonic cinematic universe, so we knew we were going to add characters, like Tails and Knuckles; new to the films but beloved by gamers all over the world.

Toby Ascher, via Eurogamer

The “Cinematic Universe” concept is most famously popularized by Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures themselves, and Universal Pictures (before Disney bought Marvel and several of Paramount’s distribution rights), where the story of a world would extend beyond one film franchise. While Marvel was incredibly successful in this endeavor, imitators tried and failed to reproduce that success, including Warner (DC) and Universal (Classic Horror Monsters).

Even though this comes off as really, really premature to start throwing that weighty term around, Paramount has already announced a third movie and a Paramount Plus series, thus fulfilling the basic minimum requirements of a “cinematic universe.” The potential concern is that we don’t yet know the scope of what Paramount is hoping for, whether the Paramount Plus series is the extent, or whether they aspire for more spin-off films and series in what is… generally speaking, a pretty story-light franchise (barring the comics and cartoons). At the very least, Paramount has taken full advantage of the famous MCU-style credits teaser in the first movie to reveal Tails for the sequel, and early viewers of Sonic 2 say there is some form of mid-credits scene (though at this time, Sonic Stadium writers who have not yet seen the movie have not looked into what the scene contains).

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  1. They also said that we could potentially see characters introduced in later games pop up earlier in the film franchise. If they can introduce Knuckles to it before Amy and Metal Sonic, then I guess it makes sense. And I know a bunch of people who want to see Shadow sooner rather than later.

  2. Hmm… a Sonic Cinematic Universe being planned? This i’ve gotta see.

    Of course there’s Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, Movie Sonic and Sonic Boom Sonic IMO.

    Thoughts and reactions about the Sonic Cinematic Universe?

  3. I think it’s telling that Marvel has about 7 million superheroes that can tell a huge variety of stories with different genres and tones, and yet I still got absolutely sick of their whole cinematic universe about 8 years ago. Sonic has a core cast of like 20 max before you have to start dipping into really obscure characters like Marine or Vanilla or Bark. I cannot see this “universe” still feeling fresh after another 3 movies and god knows how many spinoffs when the source material basically dictates they all be family friendly action comedy superhero fare.

  4. Getting tired of all these attempts for a cinematic universe, not every franchise needs one.

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