Stéphane Legar Releases Single “Speed Life” for Sonic 2 Movie

After a week of teasing the release, Stéphane Legar now has his Sonic 2 movie soundtrack single “Speed Life” available to listen to on his YouTube.

The video states that it was provided by Parlophone France, and the lyrics themselves are entirely in French. We have no confirmation at this time if this single will be exclusive to the French release of Sonic 2, or if it will appear in international versions as well.

Legar also posted the full music video for the single to YouTube:

The rather goofy video features Legar interacting with CG models of Sonic and Tails pulled from the movie as Legar himself runs at super-speed.

Outside of YouTube, the single is currently available to stream on a number of major music platforms; however, international access may vary.

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  1. This sounds way better than the first film’s “speed me up” but maybe it’s because of Rockwell/Michael Jackson and I’ve always thought that song had some Genesis-sounding synths.

  2. Ummm….okay?🤨 Never heard of this artist before I think. The music video is…meh, mildly fine but pretty goofy, and doesn’t look any better than the one for Speed Me Up but I guess it could have been worse. The song itself (which uses samples of “Somebody’s watching Me”) is so-so.

  3. this is bad…. why cant they just get crush40 to do an exclusive song for the film? or a rock type song. Sonic has always been more rock then rap / hip hop.

    1. I dunno, my version of what Sonic music should be is stuff from the Genesis and Mania, Ohtani’s modern compositions, and a splash of Naganuma’s style. Sonic’s been around long enough and in so many different forms that the style can go a bunch of different directions. This music isn’t for me, but at the same time, this version of childish pop-culture-obsessed Sonic really isn’t for me either. But this is the -type- of song I would see that version of the character associating with more than the late 80s/early 90s style of metal rock that Crush 40 tends to go for.

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