Limited Edition Sonic Cereal and Fruit Snacks Coming Soon from General Mills

Big deal, I’ve been eating Honey Nut rings for years.

Yesterday, General Mills announced that they will be releasing a limited run of Sonic-themed cereal and Sonic-themed fruit snacks in the near future, as reported by Game Informer. There is no stated date when these will be available; however, the box features Sonic 2 movie branding, and thus will likely be on shelves at some point during its theatrical run.

The Sonic cereal features “Sweetened honey flavored” rings, and spiky marshmallows shaped like Sonic’s head and green Chaos Emeralds. Game Informer also notes that it has a “Fun back of-the-box activity….”

These definitely look a step up from from Sonic’s last cereal appearance, Funko’s Gamestop-exclusive Sonic Cereal, which looks like it contains more blue dye than actual food. Like most special edition cereals, don’t expect General Mills’ Sonic box to remain a permanent product. If you want to eat a bowl of Sonic’s face, you’ll have to do so before it’s gone.

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  1. The good thing about this being a limited run, General Mills cereal is that it will eventually make its way to Grocery Outlet for a dollar and maybe even Dollar Tree. I got Pokemon cereal for $1 recently.

  2. Hello GX recognized off your Discord.

    It is been a long time since I seen Sonic cereal ever come back to the United States.

    How long will the limited-time last if only it was permanent in the Country?

  3. The curious question is….”IS this cereal Gluten-Free like Honey Nut Cheerios and Lucky Charms?”

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