New Paramount Sonic 2 Trailer Shows New Footage and Classic Game Boss

(Plus another two that have been recently released.)

UPDATE: The 1080p trailer is now up on the official Paramount Pictures YouTube:

UPDATE: The official movie twitter released the trailer; however, they did so in a weird aspect ratio, so we’re keeping the leaked version as well for now:

A leak of a new Sonic 2 movie trailer has been making the rounds on the internet over the last two days. This new trailer includes a little bit of previously unrevealed scenes, including a significant reference to classic Sonic games.

Super Bowl LVI will air this Sunday, Feb. 13, at 6:30 PM EST. It’s unclear if the movie trailer will air during the game, or alongside it without being directly affiliated.

In the mean time, Paramount Pictures has shared two new trailers made of (mostly) previously revealed footage:

Thanks to Josiahblaze for the heads up!

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  1. Makes sense, since it’s the second film, for the final boss of the second game, the Death Egg Robot to be the final challenge of the movie. And man, it’s big!!

  2. Can this PLEASE be confirmation we’re gonna see the Death Egg? Like, come on, you can’t have the Death Egg Robot and NOT have the Death Egg! It’s in the name for crying out loud!

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