Clear Images of Sonic 2 McDonalds Toys Leaked

A few weeks ago, we reported on some leaked images of what are clearly Sonic 2 Mcdonalds toys. Today, even better images of these toys have been leaked, this time including Sonic. This marks first time Sonic has had a Happy Meal toy since those McDonalds LCD games nearly a decade ago.

The images are low-res and their exact function is unclear, though it seems likely that they have some method of being propelled forward. With the movie a little more than a month away, we’ll likely be getting an official unveiling of these toys soon. In addition to these four, there are two others that have yet to be shown. If you want to see them, we’ve got them embedded below!

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  1. So first, I just want to say that Death Egg Robot is a bad name and I’m tired of saying it. If one thing comes out of this new movie I hope it’s a new name for that.

    Second, maybe it’s just the angle, but to methat robot looks like a Swatbot. All it needs is a little neck.

  2. I appreciate the peel out reference (wonder if that will actually make it into the movie), but otherwise these seem significantly lower quality than the original batch from 1993.

    That death egg bot in particular is unrecognizable

  3. I’m sure it’s not intentional, but the fact that the toys are reminiscent of the old Sonic 3 happy meal toys is amazing!

  4. I know Mcdonalds toys aren’t usually the best in terms of quality (atleast from my experience) but these gives me “funny bootleg toys” vibes lol.

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