Whisper Gets a Lunar New Year Variant in Latest Forces Mobile Event

We don’t always report on every Sonic Forces: Speed Battle event, mostly because there are a LOT of them; however, this seems like an occasion worth mentioning, so let’s have at.

The current in-game event celebrating Lunar New Year features a new variant of IDW-favorite Whisper:

Lucky Whisper’s event runs until February 3, and she’s unlocked the standard event way: by completing missions and collecting 300+ cards across that time. Lucky Whisper’s boost item replaces her hover with a new “Golden Boost.”

While it has become common for guest characters like Pac-Man or Hello Kitty to join Sonic Dash, or for Sonic characters to get special event variants in both Dash and Speed Battle, this marks the first time a character who doesn’t originate from Sonic games to get a special variant version. Here’s hoping for an Arbor Day Tangle this Spring.

Source: Sonic News Network

Thanks to Dodger24848 for the tip!

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