SEGA Registered “SEGA NFT” Trademark in December

On December 28, SEGA registered “SEGA NFT” as a trademark with the Japan Patent Office. The trademark included a logo:

SEGA has been exploring expanding into NFTs since April of last year, when they formed a partnership with Double Jump.Tokyo.

SEGA reaffirmed that interest in their December 14 investor Q&A, where they said they were going to continue experimenting NFTs to see how they might be used without drawing criticism or being perceived as using them “for simple money-making.”

Many have interpreted that last quote as to mean that SEGA was backing off NFTs, but that is not what SEGA was actually telling investors. And this trademark, which was registered weeks after the Q&A, shows SEGA’s continued interest.

If you’re still unsure what NFTs are, and what utilizing them would mean for SEGA, we recommend you take a look at this stellar article from our own GX.

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    1. Not quite. They’re something of perceived (predominantly speculative) value for people to either spend their cryptocurrency on or to be enticed to getting into the crypto marketplace. You have to have crypto to even get NFTs, and generally speaking, you have to have a LOT of crypto.

      You could view this move similarly as mobile games chasing “whales.” Except in this case, the whale in question probably believes that they’re going to resell this URL to a png of the Altered Beast box to some fictional rich person who wants it more whenever the whole system “gets big.”

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