Play Sonic with Your Face in a New TikTok Filter

If, you know, you wanted to do that for some reason.

On Monday, the official Japanese SEGA TikTok account revealed a new Sonic-themed filter for the platform, or the least efficient way to possibly play a Sonic game:


ソニックに走ってもらったよ!曲がノリノリで楽しい♡(顔は必死)みんなはクリアできるかな!??!#SEGA #セガ #ソニック #Sonic #ソニックラン #tiktokでゲーム中

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – SEGA Official – SEGA Official

As presented, Sonic will react to your movement in the video, such as looking down and up, to complete a 60-meter course.

I was unable to test this at time of writing, so I cannot report if this is region-restricted to Japanese users or not.

Thanks to Dodger24848 for the news tip!

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  1. Honestly people wouldn’t miss that much. Feels relatively cheap just by simply looking at that janky movement and those reused assets alone.

    1. I mean, keep in mind, it’s also a TikTok filter. They’re not selling it as a game-game. It’s a novelty on a platform that exists to share novelty.

      1. Yeah I do know that it’s filter too but my point still stands though. I wasn’t expecting much of it regardless since this is TikTok we’re talking about here. At least it’s amusing stuff to watch.

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