LEGO Releases Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog Designer Video

How to Build a Hedgehog.

When big new sets get released, LEGO highlights it with a video of the designers showing and discussing the details and features of the set. Last week, the LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog set received the video treatment on LEGO’s official YouTube channel:

The video features Sam Liltorp Johnson, the design manager for the LEGO Ideas program, and Lauren Cullen King, the set’s graphic designer. Johnson and King highlight what elements the set comes in, some of their favorite details, and what inspirations they took from the original Ideas design. There’s a bit of interesting trivia throughout regarding the sticker of initials on the back, new colors of pieces made specifically for this set, and Dr. Eggman’s unique diagonally printed glasses.

The set itself is still available in LEGO stores and online.

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