Streaming Schedule for the Rest of the Year

Goodbye, normalcy. Hello special events!

It’s the two-week span what contains both Christmas and New Years, and we’re taking it a little more easy until 2022. Only a little. No less foolish though.

We’ve got a few special events happening this week on Twitch, including a wintery episode of SegaSonic Radio, a quiet evening of storytelling, and an end of the year wrap-up show with a special guest. Special to me. Statistically speaking, you probably don’t know them. The internet is big.

Check out these and all our streams over at!

Wed. Dec. 22
4 PM PST 7 PM EST 12 AM GMT (Thur)

SegaSonic Radio
A special wintery episode of SSR!
Love Sonic music? Love SegaSonic Radio!

Thur. Dec. 23
4 PM PST 7 PM EST 12 PM GMT (Fri)

A Story for Christmas
Please, come in from the cold. I was just reading a rather delightful yarn about a very unusual hedgehog. Join me, won’t you?

Tue. Dec. 28
4 PM PST 7 PM EST 12 AM GMT (Wed)

Winter Wonderworld
We’re playing Balan Wonderworld to completion.
All I want for Christmas is a useful costume.

Wed. Dec. 29
4 PM PST 7 PM EST 12 AM GMT (Thur)

The 2021 Year in Review
GX attempts to explain the year that was, to a special guest that is distinctly not a Sonic fan.

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