“Sonic Official” Episode Confirms Return of Current Cast in Frontiers

New game, same voices.

In a busy day for the official Sonic YouTube account, their long-running livestream series “Sonic Official” confirmed that many members of the current English Sonic cast will be reprising their roles in the upcoming Sonic Frontiers. Further, episode host Justin Thormann explicitly confirmed that the otherworldly voice guiding Sonic was in fact Amy.

And then one big thing I should mention, the entire voice cast is returning for this. We’ve got Roger as Sonic, we’ve got Colleen returning as Tails, everybody’s come back, Cindy as Amy, Amy’s voice is actually what you heard in the trailer. I know some people online were a little confused about that, but it’s confirmed from me, that’s Amy. […] Mike Pollock is back, Mike Pollock is still our Dr. Eggman.

Justin Thormann, Sonic Official Season 5, Episode 14

Beyond the fact that the core cast is returning, the statement does also confirm that Tails will be in the game in some manner. No other voice actors were mentioned, so it’s still unclear what the scope of the game’s cast is quite yet, whether it’ll be an intimate gathering or big ol’ party (and whether I get to enjoy the Kirk Thornton’s Orbot and Wally Wingert’s Cubot once again).

Thormann ends the segment reminding viewers that more Frontiers news is to come, and that 2022 will be a significant year for Sonic, with Frontiers, Origins, the Paramount sequel, and more.

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    1. To be fair, the other VA’s only said they weren’t returning for Prime. Colleen also mentioned before she wasn’t finished voicing Tails. As for Roger, it’s still up in the air what happened to cause him to leave in the first place.

    1. The quote specifies Smith, O’Shaughnessey, Robinson, and Pollock. No other characters or actors have been revealed, if anyone else of the core cast is even in the game.

      1. Considering his latest performance was the recent Sonic Twitter Takeover, I believe Kirk will return as Shadow.

  1. I wonder if this will be a hint as to who will join Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Eggman in the next Twitter Takeover. It might be Amy. They usually do these things when a new actual game hits.

    1. I have one of two ideal questions for Amy if she does show up

      1) Have you considered asking Shadow or Eggman to help her cap…I mean win the heart of her darling Sonic?

      2) Does she pretend that airplanes are like shooting stars in the night sky and that Sonic could really use a wish right now?

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