SEGA Hardlight Hiring Game Designers

SEGA Hardlight, the company behind many of Sonic’s mobile games (including Sonic Dash & Sonic Forces) is now hiring. According to Hardlight game designer Antony Lavelle, the company is looking for both an experienced and an entry level UK-based game designer.

If you meet those criteria and want to work for the studio, check out their website here.

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  1. HARDlight should be allowed to create its own mascot (maybe their own hedgehog or echidna) and include him / her in their games!!…
    For the moment, I consider Slugger Sonic as their mascot (and in my headcanon, he is not just another skin for Sonic but a dopplegänger of Sonic coming from another dimension and the Phantom Ruby prototype created replicas of him in SPEED BATTLE)!!…

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