AoSTH Coming to Blu-ray Courtesy of Discotek in Feb 2022

Looks like Sonic’s most looney cartoon, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, is finally coming to Blu-ray! Discotek a couple of years back also brought Sonic X to blu-ray as well. Like Sonic X before it, AoSTH will also indeed in standard definition.

The Blu-ray release has a host of features, including:

  • All 65 episodes in Stereo (apparently this wasn’t the case before), and apparently as close to master (source studio quality) as possible.
  • Sonic Christmas Blast!
  • The original pilot. (Discotek even shared a clip)
  • Rushes of the first episode, Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad.
  • Commentary by the man behind Dr. Robotnik in the show, Milton Knight, in two episodes, the pilot, and the rushes.
  • Original commercial bumpers.
  • Syndication commercials.
  • Art gallery with rare production art. (preview)
  • Original packaging art by Jon “Persona” Kim, Chris “Black” Flores, and Brady Hartel. (preview, 2)
  • Captions.

The Blu-ray release is due in February 2022. The release doesn’t seem to be available to pre-order as of yet, so it’s worth keeping an eye on Discotek’s Facebook or Twitter accounts for updates on that.


  1. I love Discotek, I love AoStH, I love this release. Can’t wait to get a copy and see the sexiest fat man in cartoons in the cleanest quality there’s ever been.

  2. I can’t wait to get this when it comes out! I remember when Sonic was on T.V. in the 90’s!
    This is a blast from the past! The adventures of Sonic the hedgehog: the complete series should be exciting!

  3. LMAO the box art definitely knows who this release is attempting to target.

    Why can’t they ever use someone who knows the property well to pick out the images and info? Some of those shots make the series look like it’s a late-night cartoon.

    The new art looks decent, big improvement over the original stock art that contained a bunch of inconsistencies. I have a few discotek discs and something I’ve noticed is how awkward the advertising in the box is, one box I have obnoxiously writes GIANT ROBOT in GIANT LETTERS for a character that’s not really a giant robot by definition, it’s crap advertising to boost some sales, but I wonder how effective can that be, these titles are as niche as they get, might as well please the audience that’s into that particular show/movie, no?

    So as a Sonic fan (if I even buy this), I would grab both digital box arts throw ’em in good-o’ PS, remove the nonsense actor-selling, meme-selling, suggestive images and make a real good tribute to the series, print it, and trash the old ones asap.

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