Sonic Colors Ultimate Patch Released (UPDATE: We’ve tested it!)

After months of waiting, and a separate patch that dealt with the rainbow glitch, SEGA and Blind Squirrel have finally released a patch for Sonic Colors Ultimate on all platforms. According to the patch notes, the following issues have been addressed:

  • Improved Stability
  • Updates to save game system
  • Audio mix improvements
  • Music now loops for credits & update to “Giving Credit Where it’s Do” achievement description
  • Various bug fixes
  • Eggman fireworks at the end of Terminal Velocity now work on Switch
  • Fixed glitch that could cause yellow wisp to not damage Captain Jelly on PC

The patch isn’t very large: just 1.2 GB on PS5. So you don’t have to worry about this eating into your bandwidth or hard drive space!

Does this fix the wisp music glitch? Or the disappearing pipe textures? Stay tuned to Sonic Stadium for future updates (and potentially our Twitch channel, where we will try to give the PS5 version a go shortly).

We’d also like to note that according to the Sonic Social media manager, another patch is on the way, so anything that isn’t fixed now will hopefully be addressed soon!

UPDATE: We streamed the patched version on our Youtube, which you can check out below. We’ve got a summary of what we found beneath the video:

What Seems to be Fixed:

  • We did not encounter the wisp audio glitch during the stream, including in places where it could happen reliably.
  • We did not encounter the level end audio glitch
  • Enemies now fall slower when they drop in

What’s Still Broken:

  • There are still various minor visual glitches, including the invisible Sonic in Starlight Carnival Act 3 and the missing pipe textures in Tropical Resort Act 3.
  • The Tails rescue glitch, which can cause 2D areas to become 3D, is still there. This was my first encounter with that, in fact.
  • The game also softlocked on me for the first time, which ended the stream. Not the first game to soft lock on me once on PS5, though.

So stuff still needs to be fixed. Personally, I am rather happy the audio glitches have been fixed. In my many hours spent with the game, that was by far the most common and annoying glitch I encountered. Glad to see that it appears to be gone!

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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. You know, as someone who has been following the bad Sonic games since 2004-5, I’m beginning to realize that all this negativity towards the franchise is too good. That in our constant criticism, time and time again, it’s become too numb for all of us. I feel like that by talking about these kinds of bad controversies, we keep these kinds of games fresh in the public. And it’s not just SEGA that’s the problem. Gaming in general is starting to resort to these controversies like how a game is in bad shape at the start(GTA Trilogy, Zelda Ocarina of Time Switch, Star Wars: Battlefront 2017, Halo Master Chief Collection, No Man’s Sky to name a few).

    As gamers, we need to start paying more attention to the good games that deserve the limelight. Games like Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Atelier Ryza 1 and 2, Disgaea 5, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Hollow Knight. Those that poured their effort into making a fun game at the very start. Because constant negativity in gaming is not only tiresome, but some companies stay afloat because, and I’m going to say it, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  2. I have a couple major problems with the game not functioning properly.
    1. It gives me a communication error everytime I try to play on my main account. Causing me to make a whole new account just to play the game. I don’t know if it’s the game’s fault or my switch just can’t handle it.
    2. Everytime I beat Metal Sonic on Asteroid Coaster, the game gives me a communication error and kicks me out of the game. It’s the only level that actually does this action, but still I can’t unlock custom items that require you to beat Metal Sonic in every planet. I don’t know if any of this could be fixed or patched.

    1. My copy also did that to my account. In the latest update it was fixed for me except that whenever I want to customize sonic, the game crashes.

  3. They fixed the issue I was having! I was finally able to beat the Metal Sonic Rival Race in Asteroid Coaster! I finally 100% Sonic Colors Ultimate on the Switch! Whoo!

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