Rumor: Is Paramount Implying a Sonic 2 Trailer This Thanksgiving?

Move over Macy’s balloon.

Paramount has an expansive back-catalog of film classics, but you wouldn’t know it looking at the comments of their “Thanksgiving Feast” promo video on YouTube. On a video where Paramount tries remind you to go watch The Godfather, Addams Family Values, Wolf of Wall Street, and that Ninja Turtles movie that looks like it was left in the microwave for too long, may it be ever evident that the internet has a one-track mind.

At time of writing, the top comment on the video is a thread where Paramount responded to fans asking about the Sonic 2 trailer:

As always, a rumor is not an official announcement. It could be sincere without any wink or nod, or it could just be a social media manager being overly playful. We are just under six months from the release of the movie, and while it’s not the typical time frame for starting a full marketing ramp-up, it is a realistic time to start seeing initial teasers. Either way, we’ll all be keeping an eye out for further Sonic movie updates!

Thanks to Josiahblaze for the tip!

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