Sonic Hacking Contest 2021 Reveals Trailer

If you’re into mods and ROM hacks, your time is soon.

As this year’s Sonic Hacking Contest approaches, running from Monday Oct. 11 through Sunday Oct. 17, the team has released a trailer for the forthcoming event:

The event’s newsletter promises 41 contest entries and another 41 showcase projects, spanning the Genesis classics through to the modern 3D era.

As with previous years, Sonic Stadium will be covering both contest and expo entries, and will be joining the packed schedule of streamers. Pre-show livestreams begin Sunday Oct. 10 at 2 PM EST / 11 PM PST / 7 PM BST over at

Stadium streams will air from on:

  • Mon. Oct. 11 at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST / 5 PM BST
  • Tue. Oct. 12 at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST / 2 AM BST
  • Thur. Oct. 14 at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST / 2 AM BST

Stay tuned for show impressions next week!

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