Sonic at the Olympic Games (Mobile) Online/Purchases Close in December

If you want Tokyo on your phone, get it soon!

The Sonic-only version of SEGA’s Tokyo competition will soon be shuttering if you haven’t yet bought in. Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 for Android, Amazon, and iOS is still available as a free to start game, but will move to offline only following a December 15th update.

If you’ve already bought in-game passes and unlocked stages, those will still be playable offline; however, you will no longer be able to buy any other passes, items, or boosters once the game goes offline.

Further, all online elements like daily events, rankings, social elements, and profile unlockables will no longer be available. Earned stamps, titles, and badges will remain, but you will no longer earn new ones.

While unfortunate (especially if you run a thorough Sonic streaming series), this is still a marked improvement over the much more definitive closure of other SEGA mobile games that couldn’t be untangled from their online features such as Sonic Runners and SEGA Heroes.

Specific details are available on the game’s official website under “[Important Notice] Closer of Online Service”:

[Important Notice] Closure of Online Service

Thank you for playing SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO 2020.

On Wednesday December 15th 2021, the online function of SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO 2020 will close and an app update will be required to keep playing the game. Everyone at the Operations Team would like to thank you all for playing and for your continued support.

・From the 15th December the current version of the game will no longer be playable and an update will be required.

・If you have purchased any in-game Passes, the game Stages will still be playable offline; however, the following functions will be unavailable:

○ Daily Stages

○ Rankings

○ Challenges

○ Friends and other social media functions

○ Flag Stamps and Titles (Flag Stamps and Titles acquired before the shutdown will remain saved)

○ New Badges (Badges that have already been acquired will remain saved)

・If you have a Premium Demo Pass, any unlocked Stages will still be playable.

・Any BGM (Music) Packs and TP & Spirit Boosters that have been purchased will still be usable.

・Items will no longer be available to buy.

For further inquiries, please contact Support via

Title Menu > Support > Contact (as of 10/21/2021)

You still have nearly two months left to purchase any passes you want for the game and get online play in before its closure. 2020 may feel like it will never end, but now it has a firm deadline.

Thanks to alexizaki for the news tip!

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    1. I’m not sure how story mode is handled in the game, but if story mode requires access to an external server, yes, it will be inaccessible. If story mode is just saved local and unlocks when you buy the various passes, then no, it will still be around. Best way I can think of to test it is to open the game in airplane mode and see what it lets you do. Won’t be foolproof since there will be a later update to set up this sun setting, but it might give you an idea.

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