Shop Drop! US Sega Shop Wants You To Raise These Chao

When updates happen often enough, give it a name and turn it into a series!

Welcome to Shop Drop, the series where we give you all the Sonic updates on the official US and UK Sega shops!

The US Shop is full of chao today! They’re everywhere. They’re on shirts and socks and tote bags and hats and your phone. How are we going to take care of them all?? I’m not responsible enough to manage all that!!

You can check out the new collection here.

The US Sega shop offers limited international shipping. Each item lists applicable countries.

Stay tuned for the next Shop Drop when they release a whole kitchenware line featuring Marine the Raccoon.

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  1. These are really cute!!

    I just wish they gave us some different base colors for the designs. I’d much prefer black over white on the t shirt

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