Shop Drop! US and UK Sega Shops Get New Fall Lines

When updates happen often enough, give it a name and turn it into a series!

Welcome to Shop Drop, the series where we give you all the Sonic updates on the official US and UK Sega shops!

In the US, the leaves are changing, and the temperature is dropping, and I think we all know what that means! That’s right, geometric line art designs, and Tails sitting on a mushroom! The US Sega Shop has a new line of designs, including sweatshirts and other cold weather accessories. Check them out here.

Meanwhile, the UK Sega Shop is getting into the spooky spirit with a new Werehog logo available on tees and mugs. Check them out here. (The werehog designs are not available on the EU Sega Shop at time of writing.)

Each shop offers limited international shipping, so check the respective shop’s shipping policy if you’re outside the region.

Stay tuned for the next Shop Drop when they probably put Dr. Starline on a cutting board or Charmy on a water bottle.

Thanks to Mr. Needlemouse for the tip!

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