SEGA “Listening” to Sonic Colours Ultimate Feedback, Further Patches Confirmed

While we had a fantastic time with Sonic Colours Ultimate on PS4, it seems that a number of fans have had trouble enjoying the game due to a range of bugs, glitches and crashes. Last night, SEGA reps confirmed that the teams behind the remaster are listening to the online feedback and will be ‘assessing’ the details for an upcoming patch.

Sonic Pillar Community Manager Katie Chrzanowski posted on Twitter over the weekend that the company hears fans’ concerns over a myriad of issues they have experienced with Sonic Colours Ultimate. While the game did receive a couple of patch updates ahead of its Early Access Edition going live on Friday, it seems that more can be expected before (and after) the Standard Edition is available tomorrow.

“Hey everyone! Appreciate all your feedback on Sonic Colors: Ultimate, and the teams are listening and assessing for an upcoming patch,” Chrzanowki’s post reads. “Thank you all for your patience as we dig into this!”

While the exact nature of the issues vary from platform to platform and user to use, this news will be great relief to Nintendo Switch owners of the game, which appears to be the version worst hit by the bugs.

Reports of slowed-down UI elements if a stage is restarted during the ‘bullet time’ mode, vastly-darkened level environments and epilepsy-inducing colour attacks are rife on social media, but may also be exaggerated as it transpired that many players were experiencing the bugs on the unstable Yuzu Switch emulator for PC, or on modded Nintendo Switch hardware.

This fact is alluded to in Chrzanowski’s follow-up message, which reads, “We’ve seen some graphical issues that were caused by an emulator which is unfortunately outside our control. Trying to figure out what bugs are legitimate can really slow down the QA process.” It is encouraged for anyone having legitimate issues to contact SEGA Support with a note about their experience.

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  1. I wish that they would listen to the feedback that Epic Game Store exclusivity is anti-consumer and do something about that…

    1. That’s got absolutely nothing to do with the dev team of the game. Blame those in charge of marketing / distribution for that.

    2. I’m 100% certain it’ll drop on Steam soon enough. Epic pays publishers to launch on their platform first, sometimes even 100% of the game cost per copy sold, so timed exclusives are common. I think Forces was epic exclusive too to begin with, but I may be wrong about that.

  2. So let me understand this – none of these glitches/bugs came up during the play testing? and it all just happened to show up now when it got released to the public? i’m sure some of these problems would have shown up in the testing lol.

  3. Please give us a Rainbow Sonic skin
    Please give us a Rainbow Sonic skin
    Please give us a Rainbow Sonic skin.

  4. At least you can use GameCube Controllers on the Switch version. It just comes up as USB, and you would configure it to the original control scheme.

  5. Can anyone confirm if the PC version has glitches too? I’m struggling to find any reviews for PC specifically.

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