RUMOR: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Seeing Blu-Ray Release?

Is the series giving itself a promotion?

Yesterday, Dawn of the Discs, a twitter feed that reports on physical TV and movie releases, posted a tweet stating that the 1993 slapstick series would be getting a Blu-Ray release at some point in the future. Dawn of the Discs sourced this via a deleted tweet from Milton Knight:

Knight worked on the series creating art for the characters, backgrounds, and storyboards. We don’t have any way to confirm the authenticity of the removed tweet, but the sketch itself does reflect a scene in the original pilot:

As with any rumor, take it with a grain of salt. WildBrain, the current owner of the series, has not made any official announcements, and screenshots from deleted tweets are far from official sources. If real, the series would most likely follow the recent trend of compiling SD resolution video onto Blu-Ray, using the massive storage as a way to press far fewer discs.

The original US DVD box sets first released in 2007 by Shout Factory. The majority of the series is currently available via WildBrain’s official YouTube channel and Paramount Plus.

Thanks to Mr. Needlemouse for the news tip!

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    1. If you’re ever interested, off-screen versions of the pilot are up on YouTube. It seems like it was before they scored the series.

  1. Nice, good old AoStH insanity now in crisp HD! The possible Blu-ray release in near future kinda makes sense considering that upcoming Sonic Prime is produced by WildBrain.

  2. Sonic cartoons don’t often get blu ray releases, but we’re seeing it happen more often now with X a couple years ago and Boom having just recently put the complete season 2 on blu ray. I wonder if Boom’s sales justified this upcoming release? Not sure if they’re the same distributor or rights holder

    1. Less substantiated rumors suggest it’s Discotek, the same distributor that did the most recent Sonic X complete series collection (among many other classic anime box sets).

  3. I’m a firm believer that it’s way better to have one disc with all episodes in SD, over multiple discs with a “doesn’t look quite like it should” HD remaster.

  4. Really? Interesting if true. If we could get more Sonic animation on blu ray from them I’d be stoked. The ova could use it.

  5. Is there SatAm Blu-ray release? Because in my opinion SatAm is a lot more deserving of a Blu-Ray release.

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