Planet Wisp added to Sonic Forces Speed Battle

Sonic Forces’ mobile free to play game is still seeing plenty of new content these days, and this latest addition ties in with the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate.

Planet Wisp, the signature stage from Sonic Colors, makes its way onto Sonic Forces Speed Battle in “Mining Mayhem.” Fans will appreciate the callbacks to other Sonic games as Wisps throughout the series make an appearance to cheer on the racers.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy go head-to-head on Planet Wisp

With Sonic Colors Ultimate releasing shortly, SEGA Hardlight were keen to cross-promote on their online racing mobile game. This update will be made available for Android and iOS versions soon. Stay tuned to the Sonic Stadium for more news on Sonic Forces Speed Battle, Sonic Colors Ultimate, and all things Sonic, really!

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