Cookie Run: Kingdom has Baked a Sonic Crossover Event

The parade of weird mobile crossovers soldiers on.

Cookie Run: Kingdom, a cartoony Action RPG/city-building moble game about magical living gingerbread people (with way more lore than I was originally anticipating) is currently running a special event to obtain chibi-style Sonic and Tails as well as a Green Hill stage by collecting item boxes and Chaos Emeralds. The event runs until October 16th.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a gacha-style mobile game where players draw random cookie characters to form RPG teams. As a semi-action game, your squad of cookie fighters run along a set path and auto-attack enemies; however, the player will need to strategically use their characters’ special attacks, popping them off and then waiting for a cooldown to end. The game is available on both Apple and Android platforms.

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  1. I had to download the game and gosh, it’s such a fun fest! I’m doing my best to win our famous duo, is not easy!

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